RELAXSAGINAW.COM "Best therapeutic massage in Michigan."- C. H.
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Relax Saginaw Testimonials

"Great massage!" 
- Steve Miller (Steve Miller Band)

"That was amazing!  Whatever you did to my neck and shoulder was great!"
- Adam Lazzara  (Taking Back Sunday)

“She was great. Good hands; good form - in your top three. (International Massage Team)”
- Aaron Lewis (STAIND)

"This is awesome!  When you go deep, you just ease into it and it doesn't hurt." 
- Slash (Guns N Roses, Velvet Revolver)

"Thanks for your healing touch!  You're awesome!" 
- Jonsi  (Sigur Rós)

"Arlene is the best Certified Massage Therapist I have ever had.  She can massage softly or deeply depending upon one's wishes.  Arlene stands far above the rest in the fact that 'she listens then does' exactly what you want her to do - soft, deep, what parts of the body, how long, etc.  She respects your desire to talk or not talk and makes sure that everything is comfortable and enjoyable for you.  Arlene has been one of the highlights of my life as I look so forward to her visits to my house for a relaxing, therapeutic massage."
- Dot H.

"Six years ago I began to receive massage therapy from Arlene. For the previous 15 years I had been in constant pain. I had been receiving numerous cortisone shots in my back. I had been to several pain clinics in an effort to lessen the pain. The medical doctors could only offer me more shots that did not lessen the pain for more than a couple of days and medication that had unpleasant side effects. Working with a Chiropractic physician and with Arlene brought me relief. I have not had a single shot in six years."
- Bob B.

"If you've not tried Arlene's massages yet, you are missing out! I'm a teacher with
scoliosis and this was becoming worse with time.  Arlene's skilled massages have helped miraculously with relaxing the tight muscles that locked in this curved shape. Since I started with her, I look straighter and feel better than I ever have.  The mental and physical benefits just keep building each time. Her massages, personality and respectfulness are all A+.
- Marti W.

"Being a retired fire fighter, and starting my own business 20 year ago doing construction, I tended to develop strains and pains.  But I always knew who to call, and that is Relax Saginaw.  I knew Arlene with those hands of gold would ease the pain that I was having so it was always a huge blessing to have her work her wonders on me, and beside that, she is just a fantastic person."
- Roger C.

"Great massage, very therapeutic!"
-Duane V.

"Arlene is a great massage therapist and gives the most wonderful massage I have ever had.  She makes you feel comfortable and you are so relaxed when she has finished you feel like a new person.  Believe me, you truly need to have a massage from Arlene!!!"
- Tammy C.

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